Home Invasion Defense Education (H.I.D.E)


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Home Invasion Defense Education or (HIDE) is a (in home) training program designed by K1Risk Management Services to help you prepare an action plan if you were ever faced with an intruder, burglary or home invasion. This very informative and important training program is set up right in your own home with defense strategies that will help you create a decisive plan of action to mentally and physically prepare for a home invasion.
According to the Department of Justice (DOJ) approximately 3.7 million burglaries occur each year in the Untied States. Approximately 26% or 266.650 burglaries are violent invasions which means a violent invasion occurs about every 2 minutes.
Unfortunately many of us don’t plan to fail but fail to plan. Creating a plan is the most important step a homeowner can take to help prepare for a home invasion and is the best way to help protect you and your family from a possible home invasion.
Home invasion plans may vary depending on the layout of your home, other family members in the home, response time of EMS, if there are weapons in the home and your legal rights where you live.
Our HIDE plan consist of:
• Creating deterrents
• Creating action plans based on your home layout
• Responding to in-home threats
• Tactical training scenarios with the use of laser training guns
• Discussing your legal rights
• Post defense shooting
After creating your personalized HIDE plan we will then put your plan to the test by simulating hostile home invasion scenarios using laser pistols and targets strategically placed throughout your home. With the guidance of an experienced firearm instructor you will have the opportunity to put your training to the test as you maneuver through your home while we fine tune your judgement and decision making skills. What better way to test your skills than under “real life” stress related situations?
After you have mastered your personal HIDE training course you can then take your training to the next level and sign up for our HIDE Live Fire training at the gun range using your own personal firearms.
Register today and see for yourself how K1Risk’s HIDE training program has become one of the most effective and essential tools to building your personal home defense plan.
Don’t wait another day to sign up for in home HIDE course!
Remember, Plan Prepare Practice!



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