Firearm Training Courses

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Basic Pistol 

The Basic Pistol training class is a live fire course held on the gun range and is for those who are new  to the handgun world and want to learn the proper way to safely and responsibly use handguns. Topics  covered include: Firearm Basics, What to look for when purchasing a Firearm, Fundamentals of  Shooting, Safe Handling, Handgun stance, Grip, Sight Alignment/Sight Picture and Trigger  Control/Reset. (4 hour course) 

Equipment needed: 


At least 2 to 3 magazines 

Outside the waistband Gun holster  

Magazine holster 

300 rounds of ammunition 

Protective eye ware and hearing protection 

Comfortable clothing 

A good belt to hold your holster 

Baseball cap 

Shooting gloves (optional) 

Folding chair (optional) 

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Self Defense Class


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