Active Shooter Training

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Active Shooter Training (Group Training Course) 

An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area as possible.  

There is need for a coordinated response by law enforcement, administrators, teachers, and parents all  seeking information on how to best prevent an active shooter incident from occurring and how to  protect civilians if they are faced with an active shooter incident.  

When we find out we have an intruder, many schools and businesses put out a “Code Red” over the PA, the teachers get everyone in a classroom, lock the door, turn off the lights, sit in the corner and wait for  the police to arrive. Unfortunately we have discovered a high number of people are killed and  wounded in the mass shootings and these so called lock-down responses made people easy targets.  Our vision is to empower all citizens with the skills, tools and knowledge to respond when shots are  fired. If the police cannot be there in time to help, the next best thing is to prepare our civilian  population to help themselves until public safety arrives. If at all possible we encourage everyone to  Run, Hide but be prepared to Fight! (2 hour course) 

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