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Yonty Urrutia

It’s essential that you feel safe and secure both at home and at work. Safety allows one to be productive throughout the day. Having  security services ensures peace of mind as well as comfort.
K1 Risk Management Services was founded by Yonty Urrutia with the goal of raising community awareness in regards to health and safety related issues of local, state and national levels.  We are here help to promote goodwill, build public relations, learn and share information with different segments of the community to enhance knowledge, skill and training that promote optimum community development opportunities. If we stay informed with what is happening in our communities it will allow us to make more appropriate decisions as to how we can better protect ourselves, our clients and our families. In times like these we must pull our resources together, educate the public and stay well informed of what is happening in our communities.
Safety is a basic human need, economic recessions are cyclical, and many businesses suffer greatly as spending decreases during these times. As unemployment grows, so too do crime rates
It’s essential that you feel safe and secure both at home and at work. Safety allows one to be productive throughout the day.
Our goal is not only to provide peace of mind as well as comfort, but also to increase employment opportunities especially for our veterans.  
We also want to improve the training opportunities for security professionals and raise the bar for our security professionals by providing more adequate training and closing the gap between our private security professional and law enforcement personnel.  
We want to offer employer assistance with new hire with pre-employment background checks and employee misconduct investigations.
Our goal here at K1Risk is to increase situational awareness amongst our communities and make them safer by offering various safety classes and providing community awareness programs to the public. It’s a way of giving back to our communities thus it teaches us how significant it is to help the ones in need, the ones who are less fortunate than us. The importance of community service lies in the fact that it connects us to the community by improving it, and making it a better place for all of us to live in.
Yonty Urrutia
Our Vision


After receiving the All American scholarship award in high school gymnastics, Yonty continued his sports career as a gymnast on the men’s gymnastics team at Indiana University.  While attending college, Yonty worked as a gymnastics coach while studying sports medicine.  His education lead him in to a long career as an advance level gymnastics coach that continued for over 35 years and 9 years as a personal trainer.  
After college, Yonty enlisted in the United States Army and was attached to the 162nd Air Defense unit where he became a training instructor in the “Stinger” Man portable air defense system (MANPADS).  It was at this point that Yonty realized his passion for training.
 In 1985 after being transfer to an Oregon National Guard Unit attached to a combat support unit he continued to received extensive training in surface-to-air defense systems, combat defense tactics training and mixed martial.  For his continuing service and dedication to the armed forces Yonty honored the position of Squad Leader and was also received a medal for “Solider of the Year” as well as the US Army’s Commendation medal for “Outstanding Solider of the Year for his dedicated service as a training NCO, defense tactics instructor and air defense training instructor.
After his career in the armed forces, Yonty enrolled in Paramedic School where he served 20 years as an Oregon and Washington State Paramedic, Flight Paramedic and Paramedic Field Training Officer.
In 1991, Yonty also established Heartbeat Medical & Safety LLC offering advance medical and safety training courses to the public as well as to the commercial industry.  His qualifications include: 25 years as an American Heart Association certified training instructor in First Aid, CPR, Blood Born Pathogen, and Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Pediatric Trauma Life Support (PTLS) and Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS).
In 1996, Yonty became a licensed Private Investigator and also received extensive training in Executive Protection.  His Investigative experience includes 24 years as an Oregon and Washington State Criminal/Civil Investigator, death investigator, and Pathologist assistant with the Clark County Medical Examiners office.
In 2016, Yonty with his team of colleges established K1 Risk Management Services creating a “one stop shopping” training facility catered to meet security needs to private citizens, the legal community, law enforcement and private security professionals.  Yonty continues his career as the CEO of K1Risk teaching firearm training, law enforcement training, defense tactics and many other personal  defense training courses.  Yonty also proudly serves as an Oregon State deputy Sheriff.  

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."